Garden Projects

Garden Projects

We have helped to improve a number of green spaces throughout the village.

Hawthorn Bank

Transformation of the derelict Vennel play park into a community walled garden is well underway. We’ve come a long way following the community engagement day back in February 2015 where we canvassed ideas on how best to use the neglected land. Overwhelming support to create a community garden led to a major fundraising exercise.

Phase I £8.5K   Completed May 2016
We secured enough funds to complete the first phase of the project in May 2016: removing the tarmac and concrete, levelling the land and putting down 300 square metres of turf.

Phase II £33K (£16K stonework & £17K groundworks)   Completed August 2018
Another round of fundraising in order to landscape the remainder of the site and create a beautiful walled garden. Significant repairs to the walls (£16K) were required and this part of the project was funded by Edinburgh Council.

GreenFerry’s garden project at Hawthorn Bank has been chosen as part of Edinburgh Shoreline, an exciting, new, community centred initiative celebrating the city’s 27km coastline.

The project involves people living and working in the shoreline communities from South Queensferry to Joppa. An early highlight is a major exhibition in the John Hope Gateway in Edinburgh’s Royal Botanic Gardens.

Phase III  £45K (Planting and Mosaic Mural)  Completed August 2019
Ongoing planting, maintenance, community event and art projects. Watch this space!

Our story so far…

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Priory Garden

This is an on-going project.  We set up with a small team from GreenFerry and the Priory church, and engage the help of local resident, Barbara Mitchell who drew up plans to improve the land surrounding the Priory.  Then, with the help of our local Sea Cadets, TS Lochinvar, we took out old plants at the front, weeded the whole area, re-laid a golden gravel base, and re-planted some shrubs.   The Girls’ Brigade helped us pot some hedging for a knot garden at the side, and these have taken well.

Alas, this project is now on hold as we lost some interested members, and other projects took priority.  We still have the plans, however, for any group who would like to take this forward.

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Police Station Garden

A much-neglected area in front of the police station received a make-over.  What a difference this makes to people walking along the High Street now. As a nice humorous little touch, we planted alternately, black and white tulips!

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Brewery Close

A quiet corner at the back of the High Street was brightened up for residents for the newly-built houses there.

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Rosebery Garden

Rosebery Garden on the High Street was the brainchild of Queensferry in Bloom who organised its design and maintained the garden for a number of years. GreenFerry took a hand with maintenance work from time to time as shown here.  And now that QIB no longer exists, the council have taken back maintenance tasks.

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Morison Gardens (Children’s Play area)

The tired rose-garden in this area was removed, residents came out to paint the railings, and the whole area re-designed as a safe children’s play area.  New planters were placed at the front and this area is now a communal safe space for adults and children to enjoy.

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Dalmeny Station

The re-design and re-planting of Dalmeny Station was organised by Queensferry in Bloom with GreenFerry playing a supporting role, and supplying tools.   This area is now much more attractive though no more work has been done since QIB folded some years ago.

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